DUO Semente

The Strong & Silent Leader

Ásbjörg Jónsdóttir: Vocalist, Pianist, Composer

The Jester

Daniel Minogue: Saxophonist, Composer, Electro-Producer

DUO Semente is a duet composed of singer Ásbjörg Jónsdóttir, from Iceland, and saxophonist Daniel Minogue, from the United States. They are both educated composers and met while studying in the United States at the Hartt School after being introduced by Hartt Professor Ken Steen in August of 2017. The duets official origin starts at a house concert in December of 2017. After performing together that day, they felt that they should continue their friendship and artistic relationship no matter their physical distance. Their shared interests in jazz, popular music, classical music, and minimalism resulted in the duo’s unique sound, trying to plant their feet with heart-wrenching grooves, lush harmonies, and beautiful melodies while also stretching the world of musical possibilities with added elements of electronica and various classical genres. The duo performs in a number of ways; from the purely acoustic setting to opening up the sound field with their experiences in electronic production. DUO Semente (“semente” meaning “seed”) has grown into a force that hopes to bring a unique experience to the audience through the duo’s eclectic music training and friendship.

Samba em Preludio - DUO Semente
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